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The sun rays wandering on the water surface, a soothing feeling when you break through the water surface by jumping into the pool, warmth, laughter of happy people, no stress, maximum relaxation … Yes, we are also dreaming. Nothing difficult to make this vision come true. Give yourself an injection of a luxurious and well-deserved relaxation by the pool, and we will take care of the rest. We are a company that has been ensuring the appropriate level of protection for swimming pools for many years. We manufacture rollers, shutters and covers for garden pools. Thanks to our pool covers, your water will maintain the right temperature, its evaporation will be significantly reduced, and your bath will become a safe entertainment.

We do not hide how we cover

We have been manufacturing and installing modern and durable PVC pool covers for over 14 years! A lot of projects implemented and our experience allow us to ensure the highest quality to our wholesale and retail customers. Thanks to their use, it is possible to maintain a comfortable temperature in indoor and outdoor tanks and reduce water evaporation. As a result, the comfort, safety and time of using the pool are increased.

We invite owners of garden swimming pools, hotels, spas and public swimming pools to use our offer. We provide year-round service of orders throughout Poland and abroad.


Are you wondering how to effectively protect the surface of your pool? Coverpool will be happy to assist you in choosing the right pool cover. Our devices are characterised by a high degree of efficiency in maintaining the water body in proper order. You don’t have to worry about the safety of your children or pets. Our covers are an effective way to provide them with 24/7 care. Our devices can be synonymous with innovation and original design. Apart from the satisfaction that comes with their efficiency, they are a real visual pleasure.

Up to 80% less energy

Swimming in cold water is nothing pleasant. In the Polish climate, the installation of a pool cover that attracts the sun rays is an excellent way to maintain optimal water temperature, while reducing the expenses associated with its heating.

Up to 90% less evaporation

Our pool covers also prevent water loss. Thanks to reducing its evaporation by up to 90%, the need to refill the water is minimised, the air humidity is also lower, which improves the resistance of the walls and reduces ventilation costs.

100% comfort

As an experienced manufacturer of comprehensive solutions, we provide our customers with custom-made aesthetic, durable and easy-to-use pool covers. We ensure attractive prices including individual design and execution.


We entrust the execution of our pool covers only to qualified and creative professionals. Thanks to this, we can talk about ourselves as the undisputed market leader. What are the advantages of our cooperation? Firstly, you will significantly reduce the maintenance costs of your pool. You will not have to worry about evaporating water or a sudden drop in temperature in the tank. Secondly, professional design of hand-made covers and year-round support. Thirdly, you will be sure the covering devices are installed skillfully and precisely.

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    Clean water, energy savings and a longer lifetime of the pool – this is possible thanks to aesthetic and effective pool covers. Call or write to receive an individual order valuation.